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Clear Scope Media is a full-service video marketing agency and studio. We have you covered from compelling and creative video marketing pieces to LIVE EVENTS and all your corporate documentary needs as well. We leverage our studio resources and our creative ideas to bring cinematic qualities to any project we film in studio or remotely in your location.



Corporate video
Sleek, informative, effective. Whether for internal or external use, corporate video closes the communication gap and inspires audiences with your message.
10,000 sqft studio space in Arlington, TX.This video production facility has 3 sound stages, including a pre-lit cyclorama wall, textured backdrops, editing suites and more.
commercial video
Engage your audience with digital video marketing; make your product or service front and center with TX commercial video production
Help your school, university, or training center, attract students, parents and benefactors by showing viewers firsthand the impact you truly have.
content marketing
Short, quirky and unforgettable. Make your brand a household name with viral video content that gets shared, talked about​,​ and cannot be ignored.
From professional audio services to beautiful video production, extend the impact of your event beyond the big day. Streaming or recording your event can multiply your attendee lists while keeping your audience engaged.
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