Videos for Nonprofit & Education

Compelling videos help communities, donors, parents and prospective students understand the value of your organization, how they can partner in changing the world and why this matters.

Raise awareness, spread the word, encourage donations and inspire action with nonprofit and education video.

Tell the world about the great work you’re doing. Combining heartwarming interviews and cinematic visuals, our nonprofit video production will communicate the impact of your organization. Clear Scope Media is a TX video marketing agency with an empathic team that values what you are doing to make the world a better place.

Nonprofit & Education videos can help:

Inspire donors with the powerful stories your organization has to share.
• Call the world to action with examples of the incredible work that you do.
• Celebrate your accomplishments with an annual gala or educational event that exemplifies the changes you are making.
• Explain complex organizational information clearly and succinctly.

Clear Scope Media is a video marketing agency that provides stunning visual marketing for non-profit and educational brands.
We specialize in creating ​engaging videos that not only connect your viewers with topics that matter but also increase emotional investment.

We partner with many types of non-profits, schools and universities including charitable organizations, humanitarian efforts, K-12 private and public schools, universities, fundraisers, and brands that promote philanthropy.

Whether it’s for fundraising or educational awareness, our nonprofit videos have garnered millions of views and raised millions of dollars for the things we care about!

NON-profit & education video reel

We've Produced Video For:

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